Android on Penn State's Campus

As a T-Mobile G1 owner, I have attempted multiple times to connect to Penn State's campus-wide wifi. The benefits are easy to see; having high-speed internet is always a plus and it saves trouble connecting to a less stable 3G cell phone network. Finally, after a few different attempts (and some exactly the same), I found a working configuration to connect my G1 to Penn State's wireless.

Here are the detailed steps to connect to Wireless 2.0 at Penn State. I'm unsure if the builtin VPN on the Android system supports connection to Penn State's VPN based wireless. As of right now, Wireless 2.0 works great on the phone.

  1. Enable Wifi
  2. Select the psu network
  3. EAP method: TTLS
  4. Phase 2 authentication: PAP
  5. CA certificate: Leave on N/A
  6. Client certificate: Leave on N/A
  7. Private key password: enter access account password
  8. Identity: access account id
  9. Anonymous Identity: access account id
  10. . Wireless password: access account password
  11. . Click Connect

Enjoy! If anyone can test this at different campuses or with different Android based phones, leave your feedback in the comments. I greatly appreciate it.

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